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Wimes Family

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    Welcome to the Wimes, Wynn, Winn, Wims, Winns, Wimbs and Weems Family History and Tree.


    1843 is where our history has led us.


    When I ponder the rich legacy of which I am a part, not only am I proud but I am also determined to make sure the legacy continues. It is a good feeling waking up each day realizing that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. We are members of God’s family, but God also saw fit to make certain human connections in which to show forth God’s divinity. With that being said, it is with great pleasure that I present the ancestral line of Jasper Wimes/ Winn/ Wynn/ Weems Family.


    Jasper Wimes/ Winn(s)/ Wynn/ Weems was born a slave in 1843. His last name is spelled differently on census and marriage reports from 1868, 1880 and 1900 indicating that we are unable to ascertain which name belonged to Jasper’s true slave owners. In addition, the research for Jasper’s parents and siblings are inconclusive at this time, but we will continue to follow a line of investigation that will hopefully turn up more information. New Info: We just learned that Jasper has 1 brother and 2 sisters. His brother is name Anderson Wims, Winn, Wimes, Sr. Now we just need to find the sisters. Currently we are working to learn about Jasper’s parents which ultimitley will lead us to the slave owners.


    Jasper's Marriages

    According to court documents and several different census reports, Jasper was married three times to three different women.  In 1868, he married his first wife Lucy Robinson.  There are no records of children during their union. However, it is believed that Lucy gave birth to a son named, Lazarus Wynn "LZ".


    On the 1880's census report, Jasper was married to Lettie Winn.  According to the census report, he used the Winn spelling of his last name.  Together Jasper and Lettie Winn had 4 children: Lazarus (from his first marriage, Naman, Henry, and Victoria Winn.  The census reports note that Anderson Winn, Wims Jr., Jasper’s nephew, lived with Lettie and their 4 children.  Of the four children, we have been able to uncover information on Lazarus and Naman. Also, on Anderson Wims, Jr. New Info: Anderson Wims, Winns, Wynn, Wimes, Jr. was found to be in Randolph, GA (Cuthbert). He married Tina (Tena) Wims, Winns as shown on the 1920 and 1930 census. New Info: On the 1930 census, it shows that Anderson Jr. has a niece name Ethline Albriten, great nephew name Willie Albriten and great niece name Kathleen Rivers. This is great news!!! We are still looking for records on Henry and Victoria.


    Naman Wynn

    We will begin with Naman and his family history. According to the census of 1900's, Naman used Wynn as his family's last name. As noted above, he is one of the sons of Japser from his second wife. Naman was married to Margret Wynn and together they had four kids: Jula Wynn, Pinky Wynn, Charlie Wynn and Letty Wynn. Also, there were a boarder listed by the name of Hannah Cobb. This could have been his mother-in-law. Unfortunately, we found that Naman wasn't listed on the 1910 census report; we believe he passed during this ten year period. In fact, Margret moved to Atlanta, GA and re-married. She only had her two of the four kids with her on the 1910 census. We haven't been able to uncover any further information on the aforementioned children of Naman.




    Lazarus Wynn (also known as LZ)

    Lazarus Wynn is beleived to be the son of Jasper's first wife Lucy Robinson. However, he is listed as Jasper's second wife's son. We will explain later about this belief. We was able to locate Lazarus through court documents, millitary documents and several different census reports. I would like to acknowledge that he was one of the first War Heros within the family. We have his draft card dated from 1917-1918. A lot of the documents show him residing in Colquit County, GA.


    Lazarus (Lozarus)---First wife, Dolly Mae Ross Wynn Children: Louvenia Wimbs (Wynn) Jones---died in 1914 in childbirth--married to Raymond Jones. Children: Ervin (father to Marjorie Jones Kinlaw deceased and Beverly Jones Burks resides in Detroit) Bertha (no children) Ulysees (father to Ulysees Carl and Carl Ulysees)


    Evelyn Woods--married to Jeff Woods, buried in Arlington, GA, no children


    Johnny Lee Frazier--no children


    Roberta Wynn Rogers

    Children: Patricia Cooper, Hartwell, GA, has two boys and a girl Barbara Jean White, deceased Johnnie M. Rogers, deceased Harold Rogers, deceased Carrol J. Hedrick, deceased


    Willie Lee Wynn Lee--married to Joe Lee

    Children: Evelyn Chapman, Detroit, five children:

    Glendora Brown (Deceased) would have been 68 years old

    - Jermaine Brown has 1 child: LeQuay Brown;

    - Carlitta Chapman (65) has 3 kids: Nanette Chapman, Nanette Chapman, Loronzo Chapman & Demetri Chapman.

    - Grace Gillian (62) has 2 kids: Tonya Chapman, Benita Chapman (Deceased). Benita has 2 children: Mehkia Chapman & Brandon Chapman. Tonya has 1 child: Tonaya Chapman

    - Yvette Chapman (51)

    -Darell Chapman married to Rachel Chapman

    -Isabelle Chapman

    -Ava Chapman

    Renee Chapman (50)

    -Eric Chapman

    P. F. C. Bruce C. Alfred, d, no children


    Christine Alfed, St. Petersburg, six children, three deceased.


    Odis (Otis) Rochelle Wynn--deceased, no children


    Lance Wynn--deceased, children were Dolly C. Wynn and James C. Wynn -deceased


    Finally, at age 57, Jasper Wimes married Anna . According to the 1900 census report, together they had three children: Amos, Emma, and Lethey Wimes.


    Letha (Lethey) Wimes

    Letha (Lethey) Wimes is the daughter of Jasper's third wife, Anna. Letha (Lethey) was married twice. Her family names were (Mosely/Mosley and Hill.

    Look for more information on this part of our family.



    Amos (Amons) Wims, Winns & Wimes, Sr.

    Note: Before Amos married Willie Armstrong. He was married or had another family who were born under the Wimes, Winn, Wynn name; but were taken in and raised by a man who went by Salters. More information on this part of our family to come.


    One of Jasper’s children from his third marriage was Amos (Amons) Wims, SR (b. Feb.2, 1885 – d. Mar. 1971) . His name is spelled differently on many of the court and census reports. He lived most of his life in Early and Calhoun County Georgia. He married WILLIE ARMSTRONG (d. July 1951) and to this union 9 living children are known and there are 2 who died after birth. These are listed in the chronologically order as we know it.


    LINDSEY WIMS, SR.(b. Sept. 8, 1909 – d. Nov. 9, 1979) in Calhoun County Georgia. Lindsey married Jessie Lee Holder (Dec. 1933) in Arlington, Georgia. To this union were born 11 children. Jessie Lee (b. June 24, 1916) died in childbirth (July 28, 1954). Later, March, 1968, He married Mrs. Roberta Shorter Jordan (b. Mar. 1904 – d. Dec. 1991).


    Children of LINDSEY WIMS, SR. include, in chronological order: Sally Wims Plant (b. Jan. 1934 – d. Jan. 1995). She has 5 children, 1 is deceased. Marjorie Wims Marshall (b. April 1935 – d. July 2001). She has 12 children, 2 are deceased. Willie Lee Wims Hadley (b. Oct. 1936 – d. Mar. 1994). She had 1 child who died in 195?). Dorothy L. Wims (b. Sept. 1941). She has 4 children, 1 is deceased. Betty J. Wynn Hudson (b. Mar. 1943) She has 2 children. Obbie J. Wynn Johnson (b. Oct. 1944) She has 4 children, 2 deceased. Lindsey Wynn, Jr. (b. Feb. 1946 – d. Aug. 1966). William H. Wynn (b. Oct. 1947). Ralph J. Wims (b. Mar. 1948). He has 2 children. Marvis V. Wynn (b. Oct. 1950) She has 1 child. Ulysses Wynn (b. May 1952). He has 3 children, 1 is deceased.


    LZ WIMS (b. ) He died in Oct. 1963 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Click here to view funeral picture. He has 1 son, “clown”


    SC WYNN (COOTER) (b. d.September 7, 1952) He died in August 1953 in Calhoun County Georgia.


    LEOMIE WYNN FRANKLIN - (b. 1917 - d. August 26, 1971) She died in August 1971 in Calhoun County Georgia. Click here to view photo of her daughter Lethey Mae Wynn-Craddock-McCraw "Cricket".


    CEOLA WYNN WEBB –(b. April 1913 – d. July, 2008) in Daytona Beach Florida.


    AMOS WINNS, JR.- (GORDON) (b. April 10, 1919 - d. September 12, 2012) He lives in Arlington, GA. He married Oseola Sheffield and they had 2 children, 1 is deceased. In addition, he had 3 other kids: Diane Conley who has 3 children with three grandchildren, Willie Vera Williams who has 3 children and Darnell Barnes who has four children.


    WILLIE D. WINNS (TAP)-(b. ) –He lives in Arlington, GA, Early County. He is married to Daffice and they have ____ children.


    WILLE E. WINNS-(BUDDY) (b. d. ) He married Virginia Littles (b. Feb. 1927 – d. Nov. 1986) and to this union were born 6 children, 3 deceased.


    LEOLA WYNN ROBINSON –(b.May 2, 1921 - d. April 1985) in Daytona Beach Florida. They have 2 children. Click here to view photo.


    LEROY WINNS (b. April 1932– d. Jan. 1996 in Arlington, GA) He Married Inell Foster and to this union were born 2 sons both of whom are deceased. Marvin(b. Nov. 1954 - d. May, 1973) and Horace (b. May 1956 -d. Mar. 2002) Horace married Alice Pope and they have 3 children Christopher, Crystal and Horace, Jr.


    WILLIE JAY WINNS (b. June 25, 1921 - d. July 23, 1921) He only lived about 30 days.


    Note: Before Amos married Willie Armstrong. He was married or had another family who were born under the Wimes, Winn, Wynn name; but were taken in and raised by a man who went by Salters. More information on this part of our family to come.